Simplify your portfolio. Consolidate your investments!

Investors can find themselves investing with multiple firms for an assortment of reasons – such as looking for diversification, life changes, holding onto legacy accounts, and so on. Managing investments across different firms can be challenging and complicated, whereas consolidating with one firm can streamline your investments and simplify your investment strategy.

What does consolidation mean? In this context of investing, consolidation is the process of bringing all your investments together with one advisor and one firm.

It is common for investors who are beginning their financial journey to spread out (or “diversify”) their investments among different firms and advisors. This strategy can have its disadvantages. One of the main ones is that you risk contradictory advice from multiple sources. Also, working with multiple firms means paying more fees and having less accessibility to all your investments at once. You can see why having your investments spread out among multiple firms might create some challenges.

Benefits of consolidating your investments

Consolidating your investments at Innovation Wealth can improve your financial growth potential by providing the following benefits: 

Personalized Advice 

Having a trusted relationship with an advisor who understands your goals, objectives and risk tolerance is the foundation for successfully growing your wealth. One benefit of consolidation is the opportunity for more holistic financial advice. By bringing your assets together, you have a single point of contact for all your investment needs. Having one advisor means you can have a clearer financial picture. They can provide consistent advice, help you avoid duplication or overlap in investments, and help you to diversify or reduce your risk more effectively. As a result, you establish a more comprehensive and trusting relationship with one advisor who will know your goals and who can provide the best advice to reach them.

Simplification & Diversification

Consolidating investments simplifies your investment management and helps ensure you maintain a well-diversified portfolio. Markets can be unpredictable and changes in your life may impact your investments. Consolidation makes it easier to adjust your strategy and maintain your asset allocation. 

When you keep all your assets together you can avoid conflicting or inconsistent advice and duplication of investment strategies resulting in a clearer overview of your portfolio. Dealing with multiple firms may feel burdensome due to the extra work involved managing multiple advisors, statements, and tax forms. Multiple firms can require more of your time to coordinate meetings and paperwork. 

As a bonus, with consolidation you will also get fewer tax forms which can make your life a little easier during tax return season. You can focus more on your long-term vision and less on the details of managing multiple accounts. 

Reduced Fees

One of the advantages of combining your investments is that it may save you money on fees. When you have multiple accounts with different firms, you may be paying fees for each of these accounts. These fees can be for account management, account maintenance, or transaction fees. These charges can add up and ultimately result in reducing your investment returns. By moving investments to one firm, you may reduce those fees and keep more of your money invested to maximize your growth potential.

Aviso Wealth at Innovation Wealth Can Help

At Innovation Wealth, we are committed to helping you achieve your financial goals. We offer personalized advice to help you manage your investments efficiently and effectively. By consolidating your investments with us, you can benefit from our expertise, experience, and excellent service. You can also enjoy the convenience of having one point of contact and one statement for all your accounts. 

Don't miss this opportunity to simplify your finances and improve your chances to grow your wealth. Contact us today to find out how we can help you consolidate your investments and achieve your financial goals. Contact us at 1.833.816.2010 to get started and learn more.

*Mutual funds and other securities are offered through Aviso Wealth, a division of Aviso Financial Inc.

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