Digital advice from Qtrade Guided Portfolios®

Introducing Qtrade Guided Portfolios®: an easy way to invest online

As part of our ongoing commitment to provide our members with innovative tools, we are pleased to announce that we have access to Qtrade Guided Portfolios®, an easy-to-use automated investment service. It is an outstanding product for people that want a flexible, convenient solution to help them accumulate savings or for people that are just getting started on their savings and investment journey.

We understand that people are busy. It’s not always practical or feasible to do things in person. Digital services have made so many daily tasks more convenient, and Qtrade Guided Portfolios® investing is no exception. Qtrade Guided Portfolios® gives you the opportunity to grow your savings, while taking care of all the time-consuming tasks for you.

How does it work?

Using a goals-based questionnaire, Qtrade Guided Portfolios® matches you to a professionally managed portfolio that fits your needs. It provides continuous oversight, automatic rebalancing and ongoing personal support. You can watch your investments grow without having to manage your account or worry about your portfolio straying from your goals.

The set up process is very easy and entirely online. Simply visit Qtrade Guided Portfolios® and click Open an account. You’ll be guided through three quick steps to create and fund your account, then you can leave the investing to Qtrade Guided Portfolios®.

Once you’ve opened and funded your account, your portfolio is managed automatically. This includes regularly rebalancing the investments to maintain the target asset allocation. Through the Qtrade Guided Portfolios® website and mobile app, you can easily add funds to your account, and track the value of your portfolio as well as your progress towards your goal. Qtrade Guided Portfolios® also offers excellent client support from knowledgeable representatives. 

Who should consider digital advice?

Digital advice can be a good option if your investing goal is simple and straightforward, such as saving for a down payment on a house or for your kids’ education. And it’s well-suited to people who are just beginning to build their wealth: even when you’re starting out with a smaller amount to invest, you can have a well-diversified, professionally managed portfolio.

Advantages of digital advice

The biggest advantage of digital advice services like Qtrade Guided Portfolios® is that it is easy and convenient. You can invest in a well-diversified, professionally designed portfolio, without needing to spend any time researching or making buy and sell decisions.

Credit union-owned with members’ best interest in mind

Qtrade Guided Portfolios® is powered by Aviso Wealth Inc., the team behind Qtrade Investor, one of Canada’s top-ranked online brokers based on ratings by The Globe and Mail, MoneySense and Surviscor, and NEI Investments, Canada’s Responsible Investing leader. Aviso Wealth is a national financial services company owned by the Credit Union Centrals, The Co-operators/CUMIS and Desjardins. Aviso manages close to $60 billion in assets, and has major operations in Vancouver and Toronto, with regional offices across Canada.

When it comes to wealth services, we always make decisions in the best interest of our members and we’re committed to improving your financial well-being.

If you’re curious about Qtrade Guided Portfolios® and still have questions and would like to talk about growing and protecting your wealth, contact us to arrange for a call or appointment.  We’ll help you choose the best approach for your specific needs.

If you are eager to learn more about Qtrade Guided Portfolios® on your own, click here to get started on the Qtrade Guided Portfolios® site.

To learn about other investing options, visit our Qtrade page for DIY investing options. For more information on personalized planning & investing advice available with Innovation Wealth, click here or contact us to get started.

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