Digital advice: the best of both worlds

Most of us would agree with American philosopher Ralph Waldo Emerson who once said, “it requires a great deal of boldness and a great deal of caution to make a great fortune, and when you have it, it requires ten times as much skill to keep it.” Thankfully there are wealth advisors who can help you to not only secure your wealth, but also help it grow to meet your needs and goals.

Of course, clients at Innovation Wealth can enjoy even greater benefits with its recent addition of digital advice services to complement our traditional wealth services offering. Our team of dedicated Digital Wealth Specialists skillfully combine the use of financial tools and digital interactions with their customers, through in-person, phone and video chat, to deliver personalized wealth planning.

How digital differs from traditional wealth management

Innovation Wealth’s Digital Wealth Management service is not simply a digital add-on. Easy digital access to high-quality dedicated wealth management advice no matter where you are in the province. This model helps Digital Wealth Specialists deliver what they are best at delivering: quality advice, guidance, and insights. 

As a customer, you benefit from personalized wealth management service like a personalized investment roadmap that can dynamically adapt to changing market conditions.

Delivering the best of both worlds

Digital Wealth Management provides the best of digital convenience and high-quality remote advice with human touch and insights. 

Here’s a look at its compelling menu of offerings:

    Empowers investors for DIY activities Thanks to digital tools and automated investment processes that simplify investing, investors can execute decisions after guidance by Digital Wealth Specialists. 

    Real-time updates Digital dashboards, alerts, and tools, help you gather real time updates. 

    Easy advisor access Digital interactions, such as through various forms of video conferences, ensures seamless access to dedicated and specialized financial advice.

    Holistic wealth planning This is facilitated by this hybrid model that helps you and Digital Wealth Specialists in ensuring a 360-degree supervision of your wealth portfolio. Digital Wealth Managers provide financial advice and support just like in-person advisors but create greater accessibility for customers preferring digital convenience. 

Innovation Wealth can Make the Difference

Our dedicated team at Innovation Wealth can make all the difference. Here’s how we deliver higher value-added wealth management services – now offered digitally!

    Accessibility Our team of advisors are readily available (in-person, phone or video) to address the questions related to your wealth management goals. 

    Personalized wealth roadmap we help lay out your personalized wealth management roadmap and help you implement the plan. They do this with the help of the latest applications of financial technologies besides digital portfolio management and other tools. 

    Proactive advice Our specialists proactively help you with research-based insights and advice to help you stay on course. This not only involves making investments with the convenience of digitally empowered, seamless investment processes but guidance in key areas like portfolio rebalancing. 

    Quality service and experience The combination of digital wealth management tools and quality human interactions, helps you remain assured during market turbulence and ensures that you stay confident and on course. 

Reach out today

Advancing services like wealth management into the digital world brings numerous advantages. With our Digital Wealth Management services, we give you the best of both the in-person and digital world. In short, the best of both worlds!

Contact one of our Digital Wealth Specialists by calling us at 1.833.816.2010 or send us a message by emailing

Donnica Bernier
Donnica Bernier


Digital Wealth Specialist

Innovation Wealth | Credential Asset Management Inc.
Shirley Bongosia
Shirley Bongosia


Digital Wealth Specialist

Innovation Wealth | Credential Asset Management Inc.

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